Sunday, December 11, 2011

An Accidental Librarian

Hi.  My name is Stacy.  You might know me as @MrFordReads.  You might not care.  Either way, I think I should warn you outright that I am An Accidental Librarian.  All that you read here will be my own personal experiences or an enhanced version of the truth to make for good storytelling and interesting reading.  So for now I'm going to leave you with my Top Ten reasons for being a school librarian.

10.  Those three years and countless weekends I spent working at Y-Camp have finally paid off.....I get to play camp games and sing silly songs all day long.

9. I got to know Mrs. Dowdel.  She once said that the problem with turning the cheek is once you've done it four times you don't have any cheeks left to turn.  How could you not love that?!

8.  I get to see Kindergarten kiddos smile every week when we play "Open Them, Shut Them."

7. Reading old favorites and finding new ones. (Yes you Gary Paulsen, Sara Pennypacker, Suzanne Collins, Richard Peck...)

6.  I get to make trees in my library.

5.  I get to work with everyone and see kids through their entire elementary journey, not just one year.

4. The Tweeters I follow keep me informed and challenge me.

3. I get to help kids find information they didn't know.

2. I get to buy thousands of dollars of books a year for kids to read.

1.  Kids tell me they love the library and it is their favorite place in the school.